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A process we regularly undertake is the waterproofing and antifouling of trailer boats so they can live in the water without any issues. The common idiom is that black antifoul is the best thing however it is proven that this can devalue the vessel and is very difficult to remove. We use a special white antifoul coating and couple it with one of our own Ultrasonic Antifouling systems which provides the ultimate long term Antifouling protection. This job was on a 18 foot Stingray. First we found the appropriate water line by putting the vessel in the water and carefully measuring around the hull. Then the hull was prepared and waterproofed with a special sealing epoxy coating, primed and then anti fouled with a special hard white antifoul coating, finally a CleanABoat Ultrasonic Antifouling system was installed which coupled with the hard white antifoul will keep the hull clean of growth for 2-3 years before a simple hull scrub and touchup is required.

The new owner of this Regal arrived for a Antifoul and Popspeed however upon lift there was some bad previous antifoul applications that had caused the antifoul to begin to flake off. Simple application to this surface of the new antifoul coating would not be ideal as it, much like the previous coatings, would tend to flake off. What was needed was a removal of all previous antifoul coatings and a start from the beginning process of sealing, priming and antifouling. This process provides the ultimate hull antifoul protection and repairs the issues left from previous poorly applied/prepared coatings. You will see throughout the images below the poor surface with flaking antifoul and some progress images throughout the repair. We also applied Prop speed to both props and serviced the engines and stern drives.

Prior to Sandblasting you can see the flaking antifoul.

click here to view cleanaboat’s YouTube channel.

Another Happy customer leaving. Happy with his like new vessel

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This Trailer Boat had a little bit of a misshap when the owner had to stop quickly and the boat slid forward on the trailer causing damage to the nose and underside of the hull when it ground along the trailer. This caused extensive Gel Coat damage and bent the bow rails and mountings. The nose of the vessel was repaired along with the hull damage, the Gel Coat was blended colour matched and painted on for a as new repair. Below are some images of the job process. regularly performs all sizes of Insurance Repairs, on time and on quote.

This vessel was one we performed some stern drive and antifoul work to prior to christmas and noticed a fuel stench and leak in the bilge. As we do with all vessels we perform work on, we checked out the issue and after inserting our fibre optic camera into the tank cavity we where able to note major pitting of the aluminium tank near its base causing a constant fuel leak that rendered the vessel unsafe for use. The boat was stored for a period of time and is now under repair by our skilled team.

In order to access the tank both engines required removal along with the genset and other ancillary devices located in the mid area of the vessel. a large portion of the aft cabin was removed to gain access to the tank also. The tank was drained and filled with water and retardant to ensure no residual fuel vapours where present, and work commenced. The tank is now at our workshop and a new tank will be built to spec before being fitted back into the vessel where we will replace all removed portions of the vessel better than new.

View the images of the process below.

This Job was completed with great success and satisfaction.

This is a neat little vessel that came in with some movement in the hull and under the seats. Requiring a bit of a re enforcement and repairs to under the seat base’s as you can see in the images. As you can see we perform exceptional work on Vessels of all sizes from even Jetski’s up to super yachts, our skilled team are devoted to their jobs and guided by our resident marine guru.

Trailer Boat repairs are a major portion of our operation and something we take pride in! We even recently opened a new premises which is being kitted out to repair trailer boats, jet ski’s and other personal water craft. Located in Coomera Marine Precinct on the Gold Coast, QLD Australia.

This Trailer boat presented with a flexing hull, some stress fracturing occurring around the load points when the vessel was on its trailer and slight flexing in the hull and a soft flooring. The Plan here was to remove the floor, re-enforce the Hull and repair the stress fracturing with additional advanced GRP laid down then improve on the design of the hull and floor support with some lateral marine ply bearers tailored to the hull shape and contour and bonded in with advanced Acme Bond. This would then be laid up with more Advanced Fibre Glass and resin to produce a very sturdy hull structure before being flow coated for water proofing and then re installing the floor and re-glassing the floor in with some minor repairs to the floor edges. Just one of those jobs our team thoroughly enjoy performing, improving on the manufacturers design and handing a boat back that will not only withstand tougher conditions but maneuver and handle better in the water! View the images below of the progress.

UPDATE – Glassing over the lateral stringers is completed and the area flow coated to finish it off. The floor is then bonded back in place and next the area will be prepared and new non skid will be applied. More pics to come soon.

65′ foot Aluminium Twin Hull Super Powered Catamaran Repairs, Respray/repaint and Antifoul.

The Nicecotedazur boat show team has been busy with this project at the Gold Coast City Marina in Coomera on the Gold Coast. Underway is a complete exterior respray/repaint and anti-foul all performed to a budget. Major repairs are also being undertaken to the exterior and some “redesign” of the paint scheme along with a new area of non skid decking to increase the pleasure and useability of the vessel. The completed cat will include a complete respray with JOTUN Marine 2 Pac Urethane white and black. The non skid is to be altex/resene non skid coating.The hull will be coated with JOTUN advanced antifoul products after a thorough clean. Along side CleanABoat’s team there has also been a major interior refit underway to reface this vessel to be a majestic 21st century vessel.

Expected completion to be mid December this year (2010) ready for Christmas when we are sure it will have plenty of use! We might even join the owner for a brewski or three! Check out the gallery below and we will continue to update as we go!

click here to view cleanaboat’s YouTube channel.

35′ Riviera Flybridge Cruiser Osmosis Repairs, Gold Coast Marine Centre

This vessel is an older 1989 35 foot Riviera Flybridge vessel, recently purchased from Sydney the vessel was turned back to shore shortly after beginning its trip to the Gold Coast for our repairs, taking on water with a failed prop shaft seal the vessel was lifted and placed on a truck to deliver to our possession at the Gold Coast Marine Center in Coomera for her repairs.

Repair short list:-

  • Failed prop shaft seals, both port and starboard
  • Ceased prop shaft couplings
  • New prop shafts required
  • Numerous Spot Osmosis issues
  • Re-Antifouling required
  • Prop Speed props
  • Full Machine Buff and polish
  • New anode mounting on transom + new anodes all round
  • New Transducer sender mounted on port side hull
  • New boot stripe

We started this job by removing the old antifoul by sand blasting the hull, this allowed us to get a better visual on the osmosis issues and begin repairs. Once repaired the hull was coated with with 4 coats of JOTUN JOTACOTE 605 (2 part epoxy sealer), then 2 coats of JOTUN VINYGARD 88 (vinylester epoxy primer) and finally 3 coats of JOTUN SEA GAURDIAN black antifoul. We work closely with the technical representatives of the product systems we use to ensure the best and longest lasting final finish. During this process a new Transducer sender was installed on the port side hull and a new mounting position for a larger new anode was installed on the transom as the existing anode system was lacking. Two new prop shafts, prop shaft couplings & prop shaft seals where installed along with new ruder gland seals. The props where x-rayed and coated with prop speed before being put back together. Once this was completed we applied a new boot stripe and gave the entire vessel a complete buff and polish with products.

During sea trials we noticed a large performance improvement with ~3 knot top speed improvement and improved performance through the range. Better economy also was noticed.

60′ Vitech in for Repairs Currently. After a major Engine Exhaust Failure & exhaustive repairs and cleanup recently performed by Nice cotedazur boat show, this job extended into a major repair of most top surfaces! All Toe Rails & large areas of the top deck are riddled with stress fractures requiring repair, along with a large number of other cracks and areas in need of Fiber Glass repairs & some damage around the forward windows. Large areas of the non skid surfaces will also be repaired, re-glassed and non skid re-applied.

More images to follow soon, as the job continues.

  • update 03.08.2010 - Most of the repairs are in the final stages and Masking has begun on the forward deck.
  • update 04.08.2010 – Gel Coat spraying to repaired smooth areas of the forward deck completed
  • update 05.08.2010 Now with the smooth forward deck area’s completed we will be moving onto the finishing stage and then back masking for the non skid areas. Stay tuned as the job continues!
  • UPDATED! Forward and aft deck non skid now complete, most repairs are completed and the vessel is being put back together! See the new images below! Fresh non skid!
  • UPDATED! With the Vessel’s new non skid and resprayed forward and aft decks with major stress fracture and rotting hatch repairs completed we have her put back in the water, after a new coat of Antifoul that is! See the new images below.

This Job was performed at Gold Coast City Marina, we regularly perform jobs such as this here!


20′ Bayliner 205 Trailer Boat Repairs

July 25, 2010 11:48 pm - Posted by admin in Paintwork, Trailer Boat Repairs

1997 Model 20′ Bayliner 205, Trailer Boat with some surface cracking, aged/damaged paintwork and some more serious fractures on the port side. The boat had previously been epoxy primed and anti-foul painted, a feature the new owner would prefer not to have on a trailer boat. There was also some mechanical issues resulting from when a previous mechanic failed to secure the U-Joint/Shaft Bellows correctly causing water to enter the area damaging the gimbal bearing & entering the Mercruiser Alpha leg causing more damage. Finally a full set of new gauges to be installed and a full engine service. CleanaBoat is doing the works on this boat! From a  gunnel strip down respray with a bunch of fibre glass repairs. 2 Pac respraying the blue stripe area & completely removing the previous antifoul repairing damage from years of use and restoring the hull to factory condition & even better than factory shine. This is a beautiful day boat and will certainly be a stunner by the time we are finished with her!

Currently still in progress, we will update with more pictures as we progress through the job! No Boat is to big or too small!

UPDATE! The Alpha leg repaired & all new bellows is back on the boat, the engine has been started and all is well mechanically! We are in the final preparation stages for spraying the Blue top section of the hull! Stay tuned for updates soon!

UPDATE! Blue has been sprayed, see pics! Along with the boat put on hard stand and the hull prep completed! remaining antifoul has been removed and a bunch of repairs completed, it’s now in hi build prepped and masked about to be sprayed! She is almost finished and looking like a brand new boat!

UPDATE! Hull is painted!! With Sterling Linear Epoxy Polyurethane 2 Pac white paint! And she is looking spectacular! You would be pressed to find a brand new baylinner looking as good as this old girl. Check out the lastest images below in the gallery!

UPDATE! The boat has its pin stripe added by stripe ‘n’ FX on the Gold Coast and the finishing touches have been completed to the engine, and the instrument cluster! See the new pics of the finishing touches and the boat back on its trailer!

This job was completed at the Gold Coast Marine Centre in Coomera where we regularly perform this type of work.